The history of JB Property Group started with the figure of Janusz Bielecki – a Polish entrepreneur, who since the beginning of the 90s has not only been successfully conducting business activities, but also constantly expanding his business ventures with projects in new areas and fields.


In 1991 SUPER KRAK S.C. expanded its activities to include services for the petrochemical and construction industries.


In 1990 Janusz Bielecki established his first company – SUPER KRAK S.C. It was a commercial and service company operating in the automotive industry.


In 1992 and 1993 the following companies that operated in the petrochemical industry were established: Technaft sp. z o.o. and Technaft – Exol sp. z o.o. As a result of a merger with Statoil, they then started operating under the name of Statoil-Technaft and Statoil-Exol (in the capital group until 2000).

In 1992 Korporacja BLC Sp. z o.o., which conducts logistic activity, was established (in the capital group until 2001).


The dynamic development of the business led to a decision to create a holding structure headed by Super Krak S.A., (established in 1994). For 20 years, until JB Property Group sp. z o.o. was established, it was a leading company in the Janusz Bielecki group of companies, within the framework in which new business ventures were initiated and current ones were supported. The main area of activity of Super Krak S.A. was, however, the real estate market, and its successes are evident by such projects as Apartamenty Kaskada, Hotel Swing and Park Wodny in Krakow.


In 2014, the structure of the capital group changed. Its parent company was changed to JB Property Group Sp. z o.o., established by Janusz Bielecki and Filip Bielecki.