Company profile: Development and investment company. It has been active in the real estate industry for over 25 years, launching many new high-standard projects. In recent years, the company has focused mainly on investment projects in the fields of housing, office spaces and service premises.

Date of creation: 23.09.1994

Share capital: PLN 16,960,000.00

Headquarters: Cracow, Bociana 6


Park Wodny

Company profile: The company provides comprehensive recreation and health services. The company’s offer includes: one of the largest swimming pool halls in Poland with a number of attractions for children, teenagers and adults. The complex also includes a sauna, fitness club FitPark and Restauracja Rodzinna Siesta.

Date of creation: 21.01.2008 (date of opening of Park Wodny: 10.06.2000. Until 2008, the facility operated within the structures of Super Krak S.A.)

Share capital: 37 100 000,00  PLN

Headquarters: Cracow, Dobrego Pasterza 126


Hotel Swing

Company profile: The company provides comprehensive hotel and catering services. The company’s offer includes modern, comfortable rooms and suites, a restaurant, conference rooms and a SPA – all in a 4-star standard.

Date of creation: 27.07.1999

Share capital: 14,506,800.00 PLN

Headquarters: Cracow, Dobrego Pasterza 124


BB Active Invest

Company profile: The company also provides catering activities. It includes Cucina Aperta – an Italian restaurant located in the Serenada Centre in Cracow.

Date of creation: 16.09.2016

Share capital: PLN 3,550,000.00 PLN

Headquarters: Cracow, Bociana 6



Company profile: The company provides IT outsourcing services.

Date of creation: 16.11.2018

Share capital: 300,000.00 PLN

Headquarters: Cracow, Bociana 6


Company profile: All Muses is an artistic agency that specialises in organising concert tours and artistic events. It publishes music albums, participates in the production of films and music videos, conducts artistic impresarios and carries out various types of projects in the fields of classical, film and entertainment music.

Date of creation: 12.07.2013

Share capital: PLN 2,750,000.00

Headquarters: Cracow, Bociana 6



Garzia Arte

Company profile: The company was established in order to conduct tourist activity in exclusive historical buildings located in Italy. The first building to be opened to the public is a neoclassical villa from 1860, located in Alezio.

Date of creation: 11.01.2017

Share capital: EUR 200,000

Headquarters: Alezio, Italy